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Facebook Posting & Advertising

Your Facebook page is ultra important for ensuring that your brand is popular and active. Today, customers are more knowledgeable than ever with all of the research available to them.

Customers will do their background research on you and check your social media platforms compared to your competitors, how active you are, how many followers and Likes you have, and these are all factors that help them make a buying decision.

Using Website Metrics & Demographics Data, we use it to our advantage and know what it is your audience likes to see.

You need daily content posted in order to both please your current audience as well as attract new audience.

The content created by our writers is virally shareable and can be pre-screened by you.

We create and run 1-3 promotional ideas by you monthly along with beautiful graphic design posters to increase your Facebook brand awareness & reputation, and most importantly your sales through advertising.

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Twitter Posting

The content and graphics we use for Facebook will also be promoted and posted across Twitter under different headings and hashtags to ensure it is seen by as many people of interest as possible.

We increase your Twitter impressions, Website clicks from Twitter, and Post Likes and Retweets. We also partake in discussions relevant to your business and make sure to retweet and comment on others posts in the community to ensure we increase your follower base through reciprocity.

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Instagram Marketing

Instagram is one of the best social media networks for reaching a wide audience with groups of people interested in very industry. What makes social marketing different on Instagram is that you can reach more people using hashtag marketing without having to pay extra for it through advertising, this is a major benefit.

Using your images plus our own graphic designer images, we post daily to your Instagram, follow other interesting accounts for two-way following, increase interest in your business and brand through hash-tagging, and create the same ads we use for Facebook to bring instant sales to your products and services.

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Pinterest Daily Image Posting

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world. It has a strong female audience base, so it’s particular for certain types of products and services, however the outreach is immense.

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Google+ Content Sharing

Google pays attention to your social media accounts – activity and popularity, and while it hasn’t been confirmed by Google directly, marketing experts believe that having a strong social media presence results in better overall SEO rankings on Google and greater respect from Google itself.

That being said, Google + is a great way to partake in that. There are groups in your industry to join and post your content in, and many customers will check your Google Business page to see how often you post and the popularity of your page.

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