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SEO Hong Kong

Our tailored SEO in Hong Kong and internationally have boosted hundreds of businesses onto the 1st page of Google.

We have the client track record to prove we consistently get our clients top page results, and help them convert 5% – 20% of their organic visitors.

Unlike other SEO companies who guess which keywords you want to target or only rely on you to provide keyword data, we show you which keywords your audience is searching for on Google with monthly data, and provide you with an action plan suited for your business goals and needs.

We use state-of-the-art premium SEO tools to assess your website’s weaknesses and your competitors strengths, it allows us to properly tailor an SEO plan to your needs.

Moreover, our month to month SEO contracts guarantee that if you don’t get the results you wish for you can stay or opt out, you’re not tied down long term.

SEO Packages

SEO packages tailored around your business size, number of keywords needed, level of competition, specifically dedicated to getting you ranked quickly and focusing on keywords that convert customers into clients.

Local SEO

Our local SEO is focused around specialized tools which get you backlinks in local directories in the region you’re targeting, thereby getting your website on the first page quicker than competitors.

International SEO

International SEO consists of geotargeting the specific country you want to rank in and building up links in those regions specifically.

eCommerce SEO

eCommerce is the fastest growing industry in Hong Kong, and we’ve designed our SEO packages around ensuring that eCommerce companies get top rank first page results. Thorough on-going audits and optimization for all product pages are just one of the many features available through our eCommerce SEO plans.

SEO Audit

With Google’s new Core Web Vitals update rolling out, website audits are extremely important. Our premium audit tools reveal to us technical SEO errors that need to be fixed, we can pinpoint any issues on your site and fix them instantly.

SEO Content Editing

Our AI content analytics compares your content versus. your top 10 competitors for any given keyword and lets us know important data such as which words to place in your content (and how many times), how much content we need to add, and much more!

The benefits of doing SEO

It takes 1-3 months on average to achieve first page rank for keywords, the strength of SEO comes from the fact that you pay a fixed cost but your targeted website traffic keeps growing over time.

The potential of SEO growth over time is also huge since the more optimized landing pages and search engine friendly content you have, the more additional long tail keywords will get ranked on Google.

Additionally, visitors who come from SEO on average stay on your website longer than any other type of visitor, and have a much lower bounce rate.

What makes our SEO different

The majority of SEO companies create backlinks to your website using automated backlink creators and blackhat methods such as low quality directory link building. Not only are they unable to control these links if any issues should arise, but these backlinks bring down the overall rating and quality of your website, and hurt your long-term SEO rankings.

The way we create backlinks is only to high quality backlinks related to your industry. We check the metrics of the websites we backlink with, and make sure that they’re niche relevant (so if your business is in fitness and health, then all the backlinks we create will be coming from fitness and health).

Through consistent feedback and communication with our clients, we were informed that our SEO reports are some of the most comprehensive, detailed, and easy to understand before and after comparison reports in the entire industry.

While most SEO agencies focus on just showing you keyword rankings, we focus entirely on making sure that the keywords we rank you on convert into clients, a return on investment is what matters. We want to keep your cost low while ensuring people who find you on Google turn into customers.

99% of our clients do SEO & SEM together

SEO and SEM together is a very powerful 1-2 marketing punch. Since search engine marketing is instant, the ads we create drive in instant leads and sales within just the first 7 days, this helps bring in revenue while the SEO grows over time during the first 2 months.

Doing SEM alongside SEO gives you an advantage over competitors who are only doing SEM or SEO (but not both). This is because we can place you in up to 3 positions including Google ads, organic search engine listings, and Google maps. This gives you more marketshare and a higher chance that searchers will click your website since you are featured in 3 areas instead of 1.

Why we focus on conversion rates

What is the point of doing digital marketing if not to increase your sales? Companies who simply tell you keyword rankings are enough know they can’t drive in sales.

Keyword rankings and website traffic increases are not enough, if you’re going to spend money on marketing, you should expect to receive a return on investment. This is what we care about – generating you clicks that matter.

Some of our clients
Some Client Testimonials

Rise Marketing helped us to increase our website’s traffic and push the keywords on the first page of Google. Good service! We highly recommend!!

Morry - Savfyshop,

Great SEO service! Tal is delivers a great service and has helped our company tremendously.

Kurtis Hon - Kande Photo Booths,

Rise Marketing is a great company and we have been working with them for over a year. Excellent consulting and professional services, we are happy with their performance.

Rainbow Tai - Xtreme Lashes,

Since working with Rise Marketing the number of our new clients has increased. The website looks better and more professional now. And it’s very agreeable to work with Tal.

Patrick - La Coupe,