Digital Marketing in Hong Kong

Are you struggling with sales during the pandemic? Many business owners are searching for marketing solutions, from reaching out to old referrals, cold calling, print, PR, and generally outdated methods of marketing.

This is where digital marketing comes in. Digital marketing encompasses several extremely effective methods of getting you results and an actual return on an investment.

Digital marketing encompasses SEO, SEM (Google AdWords advertising), display advertising, remarketing, SEO content copywriting, and much more.

The reason these online marketing methods are so effective at getting you results is because they’re extremely affordable when compared to old and outdated forms of marketing, and digital marketing is the #1 best way to get the most targeted customers searching for your products and services (yes! even during a pandemic).

Search Engine Optimization

Our unique SEO process has helped hundreds of clients rank within 30-90 days for desired keywords. It's not just about traffic, it's about ROI. Our SEO plans are specifically tailored around your website needs.
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Our remarketing ads bring back people who visited your website but left, ensuring that you retain a higher customer conversion rate. Get back lost visitors today!

Search Engine Marketing

We run efficient AdWords campaigns, saving you cost while maintaining top ad positions, and tracking conversions to show the positive impact of our SEM management.
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Display Advertising

Display advertising includes Google shopping, targeted youtube ads. and more. We use Google analytics to optimize and refine for your target market.

Content Copywriting

We have two different types of content copywriting services for lower and higher budgets. We match you with writers who only have a strong background and expertise in your industry.
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Website Design and Development

Need a website revamp? Wanting to launch a new digital store for your business? We build unique and beautiful WordPress designs using custom themes for both standard and eCommerce/database websites.
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Online marketing suite

Digital marketing Services

How do our SEO services work?

Our tailored SEO in Hong Kong and internationally have boosted hundreds of businesses onto the 1st page of Google.

We have the client track record to prove we consistently get our clients top page results, and help them convert 5% – 20% of their organic visitors.

Unlike other SEO companies who guess which keywords you want to target or only rely on you to provide keyword data, we show you which keywords your audience is searching for on Google with monthly data, and provide you with an action plan suited for your business goals and needs.

We use state-of-the-art premium SEO tools to assess your website’s weaknesses and your competitors strengths, it allows us to properly tailor an SEO plan to your needs.

Moreover, our month to month SEO contracts guarantee that if you don’t get the results you wish for you can stay or opt out, you’re not tied down long term.

Technical SEO Audit & Competitive Analysis

We use some of the most premium SEO audit tools which use AI algorithms to find technical SEO errors on your website.

Tools such as GTMetrix, WebPageTest, SEMRush, Ahrefs , MajesticSEO, and Screaming Frog give us a full picture of what we need to fix on your website.

Google has released a new update called Core Web Vitals which focuses on technical SEO errors, relevant website content to what the searcher is looking for, and page speed.

Is your website loading too slow? Which parts of your website are slowing down your site and need to be improved? Our tools answer these questions for us and show us exactly what’s slowing down your website and what needs to be fixed.

Quality Backlink Building

You see it in every package you get sent from an SEO specialist, “30 of this”, “50 of that”, “1000 submissions”.

These are nonsensical and poor ways of building links.

Most often when speaking with business owners, we find the large majority have no idea what a backlink is, let alone what they’re being offered with “backlinks”.

A backlink is when your website address/URL is placed on another website (thereby creating a link from that website to yours).

How is our backlink building different?

We only place you on high quality websites related to your website and control the entire process throughout. If you’re a health website, we place you on other health websites, education? Same thing.

It is about quality, not quantity. This is known as niche-relevant link building.

Transparent SEO Ranking Reports

Many SEO companies dump SEO website traffic reports on their clients full of pie charts and nonsense information without explaining to them what they’re getting.

That’s where we come in. All of our reports come with easy-to-understand detailed traffic summaries, before and after comparisons, demographic data, and we even have tools that show us which keywords people searched to find your website.

From website traffic reports, to backlink reports, to daily, bi weekly, and monthly ranking reports – you’ll be armed with full knowledge about your on-going SEO campaign..

Every time we see progress we send you updates on how many positions you moved up due to the work we’re doing with off-page and on-page SEO.

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  • See what keywords your potential customers are searching
  • Find out what technical SEO errors you have
  • Where you currently rank on Google
  • What your competitors are doing
  • What types of backlinks you have and need

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      Once I get on the 1st page should I stop paying for SEO?

      This is one of the most common questions we receive when speaking with prospects.

      Your competitors aren’t stopping SEO, why should you? Google is always changing its algorithm and shifting websites on the 1st page, your competitor who is #1 could be #5 tomorrow, and if you don’t upkeep and maintain your SEO, your website will slip in the rankings.

      How long does it take to get on the 1st page?

      Typically it can range from 1 month to 6 months. We’ve had clients get ranked as fast as 10-15 days.

      The time to see SEO results varies based on different factors such as:

      How old or new your website is
      If you’ve had prior SEO
      The level of competition

      What is the difference between doing SEO and SEM?

      This is another question we get often. So we’ll list the pros and cons for you:

      SEM – Pros:

      • Your ads instantly go up and people can come to your website right away
        You can see whether it’s working or not quickly
        Often they’re ready buy right away

      SEM – Cons:

      • If you have a small budget your ads don’t show all day
        Visitors from AdWords bounce faster, typically 20-30 seconds spent on website on average
        Conversions can be high or low depending on industry

      SEO – Pros:

      • High quality visitors who stay on your website a long time
        More likely to convert at a higher rate because they stay longer
        You only get the keywords you want (no fluff keywords that you need to remove like SEM)

      SEO – Cons:

      • Can be pricey depending on your needs/industry/business size
        Takes longer to get listed

      Is it worth it to spend on social media advertising?

      Social media can be very powerful depending on the type of product or service you sell.

      For service based industries we recommend Facebook advertising, and for retail/products we recommend instagram. Of course, it also depends on your industry in general, for example fitness is better suited for instagram advertising given the demographics (but Facebook is useful here as well).

      In some cases though social media is unnecessary unless you want brand reputation/a brand boost, so it really depends on what you’re selling (we provide our suited recommendations depending on your business type).

      What is the advantage of a month to month SEO contract?

      Most SEO and SEM companies in Hong Kong are unwilling and unable to provide month to month contracts because they want to get paid while delivering you no results. They often ask for 3-6-12 month lump sums, and when you don’t see results you won’t get your money back.

      For our company and based on feedback over a decade of SEO experience, we found that clients were far more willing to work with us when they saw our month to month offer.

      This is because they got to see results as they went and had a choice to opt out. Even with our month to month offer, we’ve retained our clients for many years due to our success rate and trustworthiness.

      Some of our clients
      Some Client Testimonials

      Rise Marketing helped us to increase our website’s traffic and push the keywords on the first page of Google. Good service! We highly recommend!!

      Morry - Savfyshop,

      Great SEO service! Tal is delivers a great service and has helped our company tremendously.

      Kurtis Hon - Kande Photo Booths,

      Rise Marketing is a great company and we have been working with them for over a year. Excellent consulting and professional services, we are happy with their performance.

      Rainbow Tai - Xtreme Lashes,

      Since working with Rise Marketing the number of our new clients has increased. The website looks better and more professional now. And it’s very agreeable to work with Tal.

      Patrick - La Coupe,

      Rise Marketing Drives Leads For Clients Within The First 30 Days

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      Rise in organic traffic 2020 vs. 2019
      Keywords in the Top 10 Positions
      New Purchases Every Month
      SEO Ranking Results + Organic SEO Increase 2020 vs. 2019
      Organic Traffic Increase
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