Kids Gallery

Rise Marketing is handling Kids Gallery SEM Campaign since the beginning of August. In just 28 days since we began we have achieved 28 conversions for programs that needed a boost. This doesn’t include phone call tracking, which means there were a lot more conversions as well! Moreover, we revamped their remarketing ads on Google…

Shamrock Catering

Rise Marketing is handling Shamrock Catering’s SEM and SEO campaign. Just 3 months in, we rank on the #1 for 14 major catering keywords, and overall 36 catering keywords on the 1st page of Google in Hong Kong. Through SEM and SEO we’ve generated thousands of visitors a month and between 60 to 100+ inquiries…

Levo Spa

Rise Marketing is handling Levo Spa’s SEM and SEO, in just the first 30 days we’ve already achieved 1st page listings on organic for ‘Spa Central’ and ‘Spa Central Hong Kong’. We’re driving hundreds of clicks via SEM monthly for massage hong kong, spa, and facial related terms which has increased business for Levo Spa…


Rise Marketing is handling Impressius SEM account. In the past two months as seen below, we’ve helped Impressius generate 13 leads on just a $1000 HKD Google AdWords budget per month. We’ve maximized their leads and return on investment considering the small budget, and that’s how we help small businesses grow through SEM.

Honeycomb Panels

Rise Marketing is handling Honeycomb Panels SEO and SEM in the UK and USA markets. Honeycomb Panels is ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Honeycomb Stone Panels keywords, and receiving hundreds of highly targeted visitors monthly on a small business budget. We’ve landed multiple new inquiries every month as a result of…

Argyle Butchers

Rise Marketing is handling Argyle Butchers SEO and SEM campaigns. We’re driving hundreds of targeted clicks via SEM, and have already achieved 1st page rankings for a very competitive keyword in ‘Meat Delivery Hong Kong’ in just the first 30 days.


SEO & SEM Through SEM and SEO we targeted multiple countries such as the United States, the UK, and Hong Kong for AcePro. We drove hundreds of targeted clicks and leads to the official AcePro website from keywords such as “Art Shipping”, “Fine Art Shipping”, “Exhibition Design”, and many more.

It Is Colombian

SEO Campaign Achieving 3% CTR across 3 major ad groups, bringing in major clicks from targeted keywords such as “Coffee Beans Hong Kong”, “Buy Coffee Beans”, “specialty coffee hong kong”, and much more! For the SEO side, within just a week we achieved top 3 rankings for a major keyword “Colombian Coffee”

British Connections

SEO Campaign British Connections is a UK Visa and Passport Advice Centre located in Admiralty. This company sought out the marketing advice and help of Rise Marketing with their SEO and SEM Pay Per Click Campaigns. Within two weeks, British Connections is in the top 5 for 13 keywords, and between position 6 to position…