Megapower SEO Campaign

We started SEO for Megapower and their unique products (wireless projectors for presentations and personal use for mobile devices) in 2014.

The website is under the WIX platform which is not recommended for any user. We immediately advised to get off the platform for various reasons including the fact WIX makes you share your IP address with thousands of other website owners who own potentially dangerous websites (gambling, adult websites). Furthermore, WIX has al to of functionality issues with their websites, and if you choose to want to own your website yourself, they will not let you take the design, meaning you will have to build your website all over again from scratch.

Despite the fact that WIX doesn’t mix well with SEO, we were able to get Megapower listed somewhere between the 1st page to 3rd page for many keywords including wireless presenters, educational projectors, pocket projectors, dip pico projector, laser pointers and presenters, wireless pico projector, palm projector, and many more.