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Keyword Research

Whether it’s exact, broad, or phrases, we do the deep research into which keywords fit best into what ad groups.

We want to ensure that the traffic coming into your website actually makes a difference, traffic is not enough, it’s about increasing sales.


Split A/B Ad Testing

Split A/B consists of testing ads against each other.

We monitor the ads daily to see their clickthrough rates (how many people click the ad out of how many impressions), and then always adjust and tweak the ad which is getting fewer clicks.

This process helps us to make sure you’re always receiving the best and most targeted clicks possible.

Quality Score

Quality Score Landing Pages

When we point ads to your different pages on your website in order to drive traffic and sales, Google AdWords gives your website pages a ‘Quality Score’ based on how relevant your page is to what the customer is looking for.

Our job is to improve your landing page through content, images, and layout, to make sure your Quality Score is high.

The higher your quality score, the less money you have to spend on ads because Google will place your ad higher and make it cheaper since your ad is more relevant.

Bidding Optimization

Daily Bidding Optimization

We stand out from the competition by adding customn columns to your AdWords which allow us to see daily bids to be #1, #2 or #3. We then decide on a per keyword basis depending on the strength of the keyword whether it’s worth bidding to be #1 or to be #2. This daily bidding saves our clients money while ensuring we get the most conversions possible, and keeps us at the top positions.

This is how all of our clients are consistently getting 60% – 90% of the impressions and the most clicks among their competitors despite spending half the budget.

AdWords Traffic

Reporting & Metrics

Being transparent is of the utmost importance, we keep you updated daily, weekly, and monthly on the progress of your AdWords campaign with detailed reports and metrics.

Ad Conversion

Conversion Tracking

Many companies can’t tell you where your leads came from, we can. We track both through Google Analytics and Google AdWords to tell you whether your leads came from SEO, SEM, Direct, or Referrals.

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