How our SEO Audit Works

We start by checking your Domain Authority and website grade scores for a target keyword. Domain Authority is a metric designed by Moz which checks the quality and strength of the backlinks pointing to your website. Seeing your domain authority rank allows us to assess your current website strength. It’s important to know Domain Authority score so we know what level of backlinks to create for you.

Moz on-page grader
Moz DA

Website Crawl

Next, we run a crawl report on your website using multiple premium SEO tools so we can see your technical SEO site issues. These reports show us if you have 404 pages, broken internal links, meta tag issues, duplicate content, and much more. Fixing technical SEO is part of overall on-page SEO and is a huge ranking factor.

SEMRush - Errors
Moz Crawl Report

Assessing your baclinks and keywords targeted

In many cases if clients and prospects have received SEO in the past, we have to analyze the backlinks that were previously created for you. Backlink analysis shows us if the backlinks created for you are good quality, come from niche relevant sources, and if the keyword distribution is proper. We can then strategically target keywords and backlink quality based on backlink analysis.

Ahrefs - Backlink
Ahrefs - Anchors

Showing you where you currently rank

Our premium SEO tools can pinpoint if your website is already listed on Google and for which keywords. This is very helpful as it cuts down the amount of time to get ranked. For example, we’d be able to see if you have keywords sitting on the 2nd page of Google which we can then accordingly push up using off-page backlink building and on-page optimization.

Additionally, we can take a look at competitors’ current keyword rankings and if we see good keywords that we can also target for you we would add that to the list.

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